Keeping the interior of your car clean—especially leather and vinyl—can be a challenge, but it’s a lot easier if you use quality products. And if stay on top of cleaning your car regularly.

When you need to clean dirt and stain on leather or vinyl interior, you’ll need these items:

Once you have those items, you can follow these simple steps to get rid of dirt on leather or vinyl interior:

  1. Spray some of the leather & vinyl shampoo on the spot that needs cleaning.
  1. Agitate shampoo with the leather upholstery brush.

If you’re using a quality product, you should see the dirt start to come off pretty quickly.

  1. Use a microfiber towel to wipe off all of the shampoo and dirt.
  1. After you’ve removed all of the moisture using the microfiber towel, it’s time to add a leather conditioner* to re-soften the leather and put some UV protectant on it to protect it from cracking and fading.

Note*: Even though it says “Leather” Conditioner, you can still use it on your vinyl. You want to use the UV inhibitors to help protect anything from fading.

When you’re going to use the leather conditioner, you never want to spray it IN the vehicle, you want to spray it on the pad. That way you know exactly where the product is going.

Work the conditioner on the pad into the leather on the spots you’ve cleaned. On vinyl, you can just wipe over it to get the benefit of the UV inhibitors.

Just like the lotion you use on your hands, you’ll want to let the leather conditioner soak in and don’t worry about wiping it off.

Pro tip: It’s always best if you have perforated seats to wipe it on the non-perforated area first to help spread out the initial spray on the pad. Then, when you wipe it on the perforated part, it won’t clump up in the holes.

Next time you need to clean your leather or vinyl interior, use these simple steps (and quality DetailPro products) to get the job done!

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