The most versatile product you can have in your detailing arsenal is Detailing Spray.  Detailing Spray is easy to use, and it can be used for a variety of purposes. Even better, Detail Pro Detailing Spray is user-friendly whether you’re a new, amateur detailer or a seasoned, professional detailer.


9 Ways to Use Detailing Spray

  • To remove fingerprints.
  • To remove dust.
  • To remove smudges.
  • To clean and shine paint, chrome, and glass.
  • To protect your vehicle’s paint.
  • As a one-step cleaning and protection method
  • As a wax booster after washing.
  • As a clay lubricant.
  • As a pad primer.

When you’re using Detail Pro Detailing Spray to remove fingerprints, dust, and smudges from your painted surfaces, it’s as easy as spray and wipe. These simple actions will leave your paint free of those common imperfections.

It’s not just the painted surfaces that benefit from the Detail Pro Detailing Spray, though. Detailing Spray will clean and shine your glass and chrome just as easily.

Detail Pro Detailing Spray is also an excellent wax booster. Simply spray the product onto your freshly washed vehicle. You don’t even need to dry your vehicle first! Then, you can wipe away the detailing spray and dry the vehicle simultaneously. Giving wax a boost is especially good for those of you who don’t have the time to wax frequently but still want a superior shine and long-lasting paint protection. Using detailing spray as a wax boost will improve your wax’s protective abilities and the durability of the wax. It will also reduce build up of common dusts and dirts between washes.

As you might know, when you’re using auto detailing clay, it’s important to provide lubrication for the clay. Detail Pro Detailing Spray provides an excellent clay lubrication. When you use the Detailing Spray as a clay lubricant, you prevent skid marks that can be left if you don’t properly lubricate the clay. Detail Pro Detailing Spray will allow the clay to glide on smoothly.

Another way to use Detail Pro Detailing Spray is as a pad primer. When you’re using a polishing machine, Detailing Spray will prime the attached pad, so that you get the most out of your compound. To do this, after you’ve put a few drops of the compound you’re using on to the pad, spray just a little detailing spray onto the pad; this moistens the pad and allows the compound to spread across the pad better. It also prevents the pad from sucking up all of the compound and leaving you with very little product to work with when you first turn on the machine. Priming with Detailing Spray ensures that you’re getting the most out of the product that you’re intending to use.

When you use Detail Pro Detailing Spray, you’re protecting your vehicle’s paint, glass, and chrome from the everyday wear and tear of the road. It’s an excellent product, and there are many ways to use Detail Pro Detailing Spray.  Unlike many protection products, Detailing Spray does not require complicated steps or extended time to work well the first time, so it’s a great choice whether you’re just starting out or have been detailing cars for many years.

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We also recommend using microfiber cloths with our Detailing Spray.

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