The clocks have changed here in the midwest and car show season is approaching. In anticipation of that first day of dropping the tops on convertibles and pulling the covers off the classics, or just rolling down the windows of your everyday vehicle, we put together some kits of essentials for every detailer.

Option 1 for Just the Basics

In our beginners kit we’ve got everything you need for the basic wash and wax between professional detail services. This kit is that no-frills pack of the essentials. Well, the grit guard is a bit of a luxury, but you and your vehicle are worth it. This kit is what you need to keep your vehicle’s exterior clean and protected. It’s also the perfect gift for the new driver, graduate, or new car owner.

Basic Kit – $50

Option 2 for the Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior Kit

Our weekend warrior kit is for those of you that want more than just a basic wash and wax. This kit includes all the basics of the beginners kit plus everything you’ll need to detail the interior carpets, mats, and headliners. This is the kit is perfect for those of you who like to get hands-on for a full detail.

Weekend Warrior Kit – $125

Option 3 for the Pro

Pro Kit

When you’re ready to stop pushing rags around the Pro Kit is what you need. This kit includes tools that will take your detailing jobs to the next level. Not only does this kit include all the items you need for a basic wash and wax, a quick detail on site, and professional products that will give you a showroom finish, this kit includes a polisher that we devoted 2 blog posts (here) just to cover a few of the uses and benefits. This is the kit you gift to yourself.

Pro Kit – $400

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