When you’re putting the finishing touches on your vehicle’s exterior, the difference is, of course, in the details. Today, we’re specifically talking about your chrome details. To us, a vehicle’s exterior isn’t truly complete until all those chrome finishes pop.

The first step for chrome and metal surfaces, is to remove any loose dirt and dust. Chrome and metals are often one of the last steps in a full exterior wash and detail because of this. After you’ve removed surface dirt and dust, you’re ready to use the Chrome and Aluminum Polish.

For trim and details we suggest using a microfiber cloth to apply a thin coat of the Detail Pro Chrome and Aluminum Polish. Detail Pro’s Chrome and Aluminum Polish is a one-step product that will clean, polish, and protect. Work at polishing in small sections at a time, using long, straight strokes to give the best results. Switch to a clean microfiber towel or fold the cloth you’re using to reveal a clean area, allowing you to quickly go from application to polishing and buffing. So to summarize, you’ll move from a thin application of product, to polishing the metal, to buffing off the excess product with clean microfiber. When you’ve fully buffed off the product, you’ll reveal a trim and details that have mirror-like finishes that are protected for months.

Chrome rims will need a little more attention. With the everyday danger of scratches and pitting from brake dust, your rims should be thoroughly rinsed to wash away abrasive metal shavings from rotors and dust from brake pads. Make sure that the surfaces are clean to the touch by wiping the surface with a clean cloth (but do not rub too aggressively before you’re sure the debris is removed, or you could risk scratching the metal). Be sure to use a brush around the lug nuts and inside all cavities, too. Then, apply Detail Pro Chrome and Aluminum Polish with a soft microfiber cloth, using the same apply, polish, buff technique as with other chrome and metal surfaces on the vehicle.

For those of you who are always looking to do more, the uses for Chrome and Aluminum polish don’t stop with trim and rims. Use this multi-tasker on fuel and oil tanks on bikes and trucks, exhaust pipes, bumpers and more. Detail Pro Chrome and Aluminum polish can even make you a hero beyond the shop. Bring back the luster to doorknobs. Make the toaster sparkle. Restore the brand new shine to faucets and shower fixtures. As an all around cleaner, polish, and protector of metals, Chrome and Aluminum Polish can be used around the house, around the shop and on anything that rolls, floats, or flies.

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