We are always working to serve you better. So we want to tell you a little bit more about what we do, so you can pick the best detailing services for you and your vehicle.

1. How much do you charge for just a wash?

This is a question we hear often, and it’s important for customers to understand that we are not a car wash; we are a detail shop. Everything we do includes attention to the details, and as a result, we do not simply wash cars. However, we do work to customize all our work to your needs, so if what you truly need is a hand wash with a professional’s care and attention to detail give us a call, and we’ll find the right fit for you.

2. Do you shampoo carpets?

Yes! We shampoo carpets as part of a number of packages: the DetailPro Special Package, our Extreme Detail Package, and our Interior Only package.

3. Do you clean then engines?

We do. Engine cleaning can be purchased as a standalone service from our a la carte services or be added to any package and it is included in our Extreme Package. We believe it is a good idea to clean your engine when you have your car detailed. Not only does an engine bay cleaning add aesthetically to your vehicle when you open the hood, an engine bay detail is good for your vehicle. The engine bay is sealed from the top by the hood of the vehicle, but it is open to the elements at the bottom. When we clean the engine bay, all the oils, grease and grime picked up from the road are removed, and most importantly it cleans any debris from the air intake from which your vehicle’s climate control system pulls air into the vehicle.

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4. I spilled milk. Can you get the smell out?

Protein-based spills, like milk, can be tricky, so yes and no. The surest way to take care of the odor is to get to it as quickly as possible. We can get the spill out of your carpet or upholstery without a problem, but when the odor soaks into the padding underneath, that’s when things get more difficult. We’ll keep with the example of milk, but the process described here is true of any protein based spill or odor including vomit. Once the milk gets into the padding, we have a two-step process that usually gets rid of the smell. First, we use a product with an active bacteria (it might sound a little gross, but this is a good kind of bacteria). The formula with the bacteria will be sprayed on affected areas and the bacteria consume the proteins causing the odor until there aren’t any more proteins to be eaten (when the bacteria runs out of protein, it simply dies and dissipates). This first step usually takes care of the smell, but we have a second step to create the best results. We spray an odor neutralizer that attaches to the odor-causing molecules, making it impossible for your odor receptors to pick up the smell. Add this to any interior or interior/exterior package from our a la carte services.

5. Can you get these scratches out?

Nothing is for sure, but a good rule of thumb is that we can remove scratches that you cannot feel with your fingernail, but if it’s deep enough that you can feel it with your fingernail, it’s not something we can get out.

6. My car’s paint job just doesn’t look right – I tried to polish it myself.Can you fix it? Do you “buff” paint?

Often inexperience or poor quality tools can cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. We never use high-speed buffers; these buffers are often inexpensive because they’re old or simply poor quality. If you get swirls in your paint from using one of these machines or because someone else used one of them on your vehicle (unfortunately, there are plenty of “professional” detailers who still use these), it will take time to correct. High-speed buffers create a tremendous amount of heat and that heat burns the paint leaving scorch marks on light vehicles or hazes and swirls on darker vehicles; we will never use these machines. All that is to say, we do not buff paint. We polish, and we have invested heavily in ensuring that Detail Pro has the best machines available. If you bring your vehicle in to correct the damage caused by buffing, we will be using the best. Polishing is a very time-consuming project, and it takes a lot of training to get it right. True paint correction is an investment. What we hope happens is that your vehicle is protected and done right the first time, but if it’s not, we can help.

These are just six of the questions that we are hearing when we pick up the phone. We know you might have more.

Hit us with some of your questions about what we do at Detail Pro or about our products in the comments!

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