Sun’s out guns out…foam guns that is. You’ll never get that thick rich foam you see in the automated car washes with a bucket and hose—watch out, that’s probably the only time you’ll see us say something good about automated car washes—but with the addition of a foam gun, you’ll be able to create a thick, rich foam. Foam guns will also cut down on your water consumption, and that thick, rich foam will stick to your vehicle’s surface and start immediately breaking down contaminates. You may choose to use a foam gun as a presoak or as your main wash; both ways will help prevent micro-abrasion by lifting surface dirt and lubricating your wash mitt.

Depending on your preference and existing equipment, there are 2 options for foaming. Foam guns generally will attach to a standard garden hose, with a quick connect so you can quickly move from foaming to a fireman nozzle for rinsing; foam cannons, as the name implies, are the heavier duty version that will require a pressure washer. Both will create a thick lasting foam on your vehicle. In TV terms your standard definition is buckets and hose, High Def is the foam gun, and your Ultra High Def is the foam cannon. (Always read descriptions though; some places will use the term foam gun and foam cannon interchangeably.)


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So here’s how to best use foaming tools:

For dirtier cars, you’ll want to use the pre-soak followed by the 2 bucket method.

First, add car shampoo to the reservoir and fill with water. The soap will sink so go ahead and give it a good shake after attaching the gun/cannon. Start from the roof and work your way down and around the vehicle. Overlapping will ensure that you have complete coverage. The foam will begin working immediately to loosen any dirt that is on the surface. At this point, you have a thick foam working to lift away dirt and provide lubrication for your wash mitt. Using a 2 bucket method (one for rinsing and one for washing) prepare your mitt and wash the vehicle. Follow this with a rinse using the pressure washer or fire hose nozzle and proceed with any other detail work.

For a quick wash on vehicles that are well maintained you can foam and rinse.

Simply fill the reservoir with soap and water, foam the vehicle from top to bottom overlapping to ensure complete coverage and then allow the soap to work it’s magic for 5 minutes. Then simply rinse using the power washer or fire hose nozzle and completely dry vehicle to prevent water spots.

Overall, foam guns/cannons save time, water, and work. Grab one today.

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