Don’t let its small size fool you –
Mytee’s® S-300 Tempo™ Spotter Extractor is a powerhouse. Perfect for the
occasional job, or for the serious auto detailer, the S-300 Tempo™
packs a lot of power into a small package. It’s easy to fill and empty,
with clear view tank lids that let you see what you are extracting. You
can even fill the S-300 Tempo™ with warm tap water for best results. At
only 20 pounds, you’ll find that the Tempo™ takes a load off your back,
without taking a load out of your wallet.

Why Purchase This Product?

  • Features:

    • One of the most powerful vacuum motors in its class producing 85″ of water lift for maximum extraction
    • Two-stage vacuum motor reduces dry times
    • Compact tank capacity of 1 gallon and weighs only 20 pounds, easy to transport and store
    • Convenient one-switch operation and easy-to-open caps on solution and recovery tanks
    • Durability in roto-måolded housing